Knowing How

We value the knowing how and the apprentice state in us as in others. Empower yourself by acquiring tools and methodologies for the development of talents.

Some of our themes are:

All programs can be carried out in Virtual or On-site mode.

Certificate with us

Points of You Academy Level 1

>>> Online Certification

An out of the box training, where you will learn the methodology and tools of Points of You®, you will experience a unique form of communication and dialogue and add new skills to your professional experience. Complete the workshop Hello Points turns you into a Points of You® Explorer.

The methodology Points of You® It facilitates the connection with oneself and with the other, introduces new points of view, changing paradigms and achieving a more effective performance when working as a team or individually, it generates authentic conversations and trust, promoting creative and strategic thinking in all contexts.

Be My Coach Leader

Transformational learning experience that allows you to enhance your best version as a Leader to manage Agile Teams, acquiring coaching distinctions that will allow you to know yourself, communicate and manage your emotions and then go out to meet others and accompany them in their development.

Emotion Management

>>> A productive way to manage them

Good emotional development and management is the basis for the deployment of Leadership. We help streamline individual or group processes with Emotional Intelligence Maps that will allow you to productively manage your emotions