The Coaching Game by Points of You®


The Coaching Game it is a powerful and creative tool for the development of people and organizations. The coaching Game invites us to free ourselves from habitual thoughts and solutions, opening up new possibilities for change, expansion and growth.

Easy to use and aesthetically pleasing, The game features 65 common life themes that allow endless fascinating interpretations, create surprising contexts and define new paths.

Its use enables the improvement of thought and communication processes. This allows a practical instrument to be used by coaches, therapists, consultants, psychologists, counselors, group facilitators and any professional in the area of human development.

The game contains 65 word picture cards, a 165-page book, a game board with four ways to play, and a focus and action notebook.

Organizations, coaches, therapists, psychologists, educators and team leaders already use it in more than twenty countries


Many times the great personal challenge is to be able to observe each person, object, situation or experience from multiple points of view. We say that our transformation begins when we are ready to do so, whether personally or within an organization.

To support people and organizations in their transformation processes, one of the pillars of Points of You TM is the integration between emotions and reason, the right and left side of the brain.

On the one hand, we achieve integration through the visualization of photographic cards that connect us with our creative side, and on the other, with words and questions that invite us to describe some aspect of our life that connect with our cognitive and analytical side. of the brain.

Our method and tools momentarily create deactivation of conscious mechanisms, freeing us from the "should be" that condition us and allowing us - at the end of the process - to be able to see new options and discover new alternatives that allow us to move outside our comfort zone to give way to our growth and learning.



The Coaching Game kit includes:

  • 65 photographic cards, each one representing a theme that can arise in our daily lives.

  • A 165-page, full-color book that presents each of the photographic letters through various stories, phrases, quotes, and morals.

  • A cloth map with 4 powerful processes, for when you need to guide the path of exploration.

  • Notepad to write down information that has emerged from the reflections of the letter and to write down the actions to be taken.

  • A soft and durable canvas cover made from recycled, biodegradable and eco-friendly fabric.