Punctum by Points of You®


A game to expand your points of view

Punctum allows us to deal with various problems in our lives in a different way - practical, playful and colorful, and at the same time powerful and surprising in its results. Whether in a social or family gathering, Punctum becomes a meaningful and inspiring encounter, with ourselves and with others. It is an ideal tool for education and teamwork sessions in the professional field.

The game is developed by relating photos, words and questions to ourselves / our team / our clients… regarding a specific personal or professional matter.

Based on the principles of phototherapy, the careful selection of beautiful images captured by photographers from all over the planet, makes each punctum card open to a world of interpretations.

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Many times the great personal challenge is to be able to observe each person, object, situation or experience from multiple points of view. We say that our transformation begins when we are ready to do so, whether personally or within an organization.

The game unfolds on the relationship between photos, words and questions and how they relate to participants / team / clients regarding a specific personal or professional matter.

Among other things, it allows evaluating the development of groups working on:

  • Leadership

  • Competence

  • Collaboration

  • Communication

  • Links and Roles (become aware of their role within the group and face the transformation processes)


Punctum Kit:

  • Set includes 33 photo cards, 33 word cards, 33 question cards,

  • A fabric process board and a user guide.

  • A soft and durable canvas cover made from recycled, biodegradable and eco-friendly fabric.